Upcoming Audition Date:  by appointment    

Schedule Appointments: (760) 805-3945 or jstanford@escondidochoralarts.com, and fill out the Audition  form (template) on this website or the printable form on the Scores and Downloads tab. The template will load and send if all the boxes are filled in and the code entered. An acknowledgement will come up when completed. The printable form can be e-mailed to jstanford@escondidochoralarts.com. You will be contacted to set up a time for your audition.

Location:  Auditions will be held at Studio I at the California Center for Arts, Escondido.

Description of Audition session:

The audition will be with the conductor of the Center Chorale and an accompanist and will consist of three parts:  singing a short vocal solo, a vocalization to determine range, vowel color and vocal timbre, and a sight reading exercise.

1. Sing a short vocal solo of no more than one minute in length.  Each singer may choose their own song or choose one of the suggested songs below.  If one chooses a song other than those listed, the singer must bring two legal copies of the musical score to the audition. 

Suggested songs:

Soprano: ‘I Know that my Redeemer Liveth’ 

                       Messiah G. F. Handel *

                      ‘Domine Deus’ -  Gloria  -  A. Vivaldi *

                      ‘Sebben Crudele’ –  A. Caldara *

                      ‘I Dream of Jeannie with the Light Brown

                       Hair', S.Foster *

                      ‘Caro mio ben’ (high key) – T. Giordani *

                      'Beautiful Dreamer'- S. Foster*

Alto: ‘O Rest in the Lord’ Elijah -

                       F. Mendelssohn *

                      ‘O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings’ 

                       Messiah - G.F. Handel

                       ‘Sunrise, Sunset’

                       Fiddler on the Roof - J. Bock/S. Harnick

                       ‘Caro mio Ben’ (low key) – T. Giordani *

                       ‘Sebben Crudele’ – A. Caldara *

Tenor: ‘I Dream of Jeannie with the Light Brown

                      Hair',  S.Foster *

                     ‘If With All Your Heart You Truly Seek

                     Me' Elijah - F. Mendelssohn *

                     ‘Caro mio ben’ (high key) – T. Giordani *

                      'Beautiful Dreamer'- S. Foster*

Bass: ‘But who May Abide’ (first part only) *

                      Messiah – G. F. Handel

                      ‘Next Winter Comes Slowly’ – H. Purcell *

                      ‘I Got Plenty O Nuttin’’  Porgy and Bess-

                       G. Gershwin

                      ‘Caro mio Ben’ (low key) – T. Giordani *

                      'Sebben Crudele'- Caldara*        

* Scores available on the PDF page of this site.

2. Vocalization will be on a pure vowel, either ‘ah’ or ‘oh’ ascending and descending the scale for establishment of vocal range.  

3. Sight reading will be from a standard vocal score with piano accompaniment. 

Upon notification of acceptance in the Center Chorale, the singer will be expected to do the following:

1. Register full information with the Center Chorale, including name, address, phone(s) and email.

2. Pay $100 for the concert year.   The payment must be made in full by the third rehearsal. Credit card or check notating the choral program may be used.

3. Purchase apparel for concert performances.  Women will be expected to purchase a dress (to be chosen by an apparel committee), and men will be expected to purchase a black, standard tuxedo, with white shirt (wing-tip) and black bow tie and cummerbund.

4. Commit to attending scheduled rehearsals each Monday evening, 7 to 9:30.

5. Commit to being present for extra rehearsals and performances.

6. It is expected that members will assist in the organizational operations.