Brio Choir  (ages 7-8)
Diane Geller and Martha Rosacker, conductors

 A Place in the Choir                 Bill Staines, Ed Harris
Mrs. Jenny Wren                                 Arthur Baynon
Duermete, Mi Niño                 Puerto Rican Folk Song
All Things Bright and Beautiful   arr. Arnold Sherman
Combined with Arioso Choir

Arioso Choir (ages 9-11)
Dana Stanford, conductor

I Love the Flowers                     Traditional Folk Song
Spring                  Francis Farrar, R.Vaughan Williams
King Kong Kitchee                           arr.Shelly Cooper
Shake the Papaya Down                 arr.  Dwyer, Waller
Combined with Coro Vivo Choir

Scott Paulson, Guest Artist
Accompanying the Chorus and Playing selections
with Instruments from his Teeny, Tiny Pit Orchestra

Coro Vivo Choir (ages 12-18)
Nancy Shirley, conductor

Al Shlosha D’Varim                        Allan Naplan
Come, Enjoy God's Festive Springtime                
George Philipp Telemann
Violin- Kirsten Vega
The Arrow and the Song    Henry W. Longfellow 
Flute - Lisa You
Shine On Me                         Traditional Spiritual 
arr. Rollo Dillworth
Bass-Phillip Narveson
Joseph Valent, accompanist