We want to thank our  2017-18 Concert Season Contributors for supporting the Escondido Choral Arts Program at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido. 

Thank you!


David T. and Dorris E. Staples Foundation
Current Wisdom Foundation

Benefactor ..............$5000+

Jay and Gale Stienon
Jean Will
Groth Family Foundation


Dr. and Mrs. Eric Drimmer
Nancy Wilson
Cynthia Poole
Patrick Anderson and Les Olson
James Williams
Bill and Julie Kent
The San Diego Community Enhancement Fund
The Rotary Club of Escondido
James and Janet Gregg



John and Nancy Celik
Tim and Jackie Miley


David and Dru Cowles
Lois Brossart
Gary Vanderlyke
Connie and Arnie Venti
The Lounsbery Family
Miriam L. Jupp
Daniel and Marilyn Herde
Virginia Thomas
Tim and Karen Jobe
Lucy J. Berk
Laurel Beale
Lynn Foltz
Lynn and Jim Viall
Dr. Joseph Valent
Jim and Barbara Stern
Jonathan Cartford and Patty Stein
Pam Culley-McCullough and Ken Roth
Paul and Sandra Gerard
Louis and Carolyn Rosse
Judith Dolan
Vivian Virden


Marilyn W. Alberts
Wieme Design/Build
Karin Norlin
Sandra J. Dabasinskas
James and Kwangja Hayes
John and Therese Bulat
Dr. Herbert J. Sorensen
Patricia and Lorena Dixon
Terry and Von Lau
Anthony and Georgina Bosworth
Sylvia Dudas
Ted and Beverly Kilman
Marlane Sidorsky and Michael Richman
Jim Vernetti
Patricia Parker
Helgard J. Deuel
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Goodger
Emily Just
Elaina Blankenship
George and Sue Stockton
Rev. Meg Decker
Roy and Carolyn Galli


Special Appreciation is given to the California Center for the Arts, Escondido, Board and Staff, for the endorsement and support of our choral program. 

Escondido Choral Arts is an endorsed program of the California Center for the Arts, Escondido and is an independent 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization (47-4135530).

All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law and are greatly appreciated.

For further information about giving opportunities: 760.805.3945 info@escondidochoralarts.com