Escondido Choral Arts Foundation  welcomes our new board members to the organization of singers bringing music to our community through education and performance.


Tim Miley

Cynthia Poole

Jay Stienon

Ginny Thomas


Thanks to all that you do to support and advise in order to accomplish great things in our community!

Jay Stienon

Born in London in mid-1939. Evacuated from London to Winnipeg, Canada in August 1940. Moved to and grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Played in the Ann Arbor High School marching and concert band, and orchestra. Graduated from the University of Michigan in 1961. Just in time for the beginning of the South-East Asian War Games. I spent time there flying in fighter jets with the U. S. Marine Corps. Found a career and stayed in for twenty years. Met, courted, and married my wife, also a Marine, in 1970. We both retired in the early eighties. I worked as a support contractor for the Marine Corps concentrating on joint message standards and other projects. Retired for good this year and we enjoy each other, good food, good wine, good friends, music, theatre, and the arts.